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Corporate Responsibility

Environmental | Sustainability | Health & Safety | Quality/Customer Care

All projects are managed within the maximum level of consideration for the environment. We acknowledge that our business impacts on the environment so we are totally committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our aim is to implement appropriate policies and put in place arrangements which enable us to respect the needs of our clients, our staff, the public and other potentially affected parties.

This includes making the most efficient use of energy, reducing waste, recycling materials where possible, using materials from sustainable sources, using environmentally friendly materials encouraging the design of energy efficient facilities and minimising noise, dust and pollution.

QMAC has embedded sustainability within all aspects of its business, striving to have a positive impact environmentally, socially and economically in a manner which protects the environment and promotes efficiency for the people of today and those of tomorrow. We are totally committed to sustainable construction, and recognise the importance of continuous improvement and working in partnership with both clients and suppliers on sustainability issues.

With the support of local government and partnerships the company will adhere to deliver coherent and holistic programmes involving the local government, the voluntary sector and local communities which will enable us to meet this challenge and ensure that the environment in which we live will have a truly sustainable future.

Our commitment to Health & Safety is a reflection of our ambition to make our industry a healthier and safer place to work. We are committed to planning and executing all operations in a manner that safeguards the health, welfare, and safety of our employees, supply chain partners, clients, the general public and those who use our completed facilities. We set out, not just to achieve compliance with, but to exceed the statutory requirements of regulations and legislation.

Where appropriate, the organisation establishes policies and programs to assist in continuous improvements in performance, maintaining safe conditions and work practices and facilitating employee participation in health and safety activities, including health and safety committees.

QMAC Construction has been successfully delivering quality projects for over 28 years, and quality has been the hallmark of our business approach.

We are committed to achieving high standards in all our aspects of our activities so that we can maintain and grow our reputation as a leading contractor with the ability to exceed our customers’ expectations.

QMAC has developed a documentation based, quality control system in which all employees are trained, and to which all adhere.

Our ethos is to improve the delivery of projects by continually monitoring and reviewing our management processes which enables us to meet, and where practicable, exceed customer expectations.

Customer Care

Understanding our customers is key to a successful business, and we, at QMAC, continually strive to understand and then exceed our customers’ expectations. We understand that long-term business relationships with our customers are fundamental to the continued success of our firm.