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Construction of Asia Supermarket, Belfast

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Construction of Asia Supermarket, Belfast

The c. £6m project, adjacent to Ormeau embankment, involved the construction of a new-build two-storey supermarket/cash & carry and warehouse building with site development works including ancillary car parking, service yards, roadways, a delivery yard, and drainage. The building, which comprises approx. 1900 sqm of floor area, involved the construction of a steel frame on piled foundations with cladded external walls, external block work and a roof with various internal finishes.

The work included the appointment of a specialist subcontractor to undertake a remediation strategy for the contaminated ground, including asbestos removal, as the brownfield site was formerly used as a mill. This involved delineation, testing, classification of soils, removal of identified contaminated soils, followed by verification and approval.

Facilities Created:

  • Ground Floor facilities created include a Main Entrance Lobby, Customer Service Desk, Strong Room, Switch Room, Stair/Lift Lobby, Passenger Lift, Communications Room, Retail Area, Cash & Carry, Condenser Plant Area, Fishmonger Cold Store & Counter, and a Fridge Room.
  • First Floor facilities created include a Plant Room, Staff Male, Female & Disabled Toilets, Customer Male, Female & Disabled Toilets, Staff Unisex Locker Room, Staff Unisex Showers, Staff Canteen, Customer Café, Kitchen, Kitchen Store, HR/First Aid Room, Accounts Dept. Room, Offices, and a Meeting Room.

Aerial footage of Asia Supermarket: